My Arch Nemesis

Last week, I had another encounter with my arch-nemesis.

Conditions weren’t ideal, with sun and clouds, and the wind carried a heavy spray of mist my way. The waterfall beckoned — and I failed. As cleaned the water off my gear and packed my bag, defeated, I turned and faced him once more: “We will meet again. Soon,” I promised, and made my way back up the hill.

Yesterday, I came back for another challenge. Again, weather conditions weren’t ideal. Thunderclouds were in the sky, the heat heavy with moisture, and loads of sunshine, right where it hurt. I didn’t even break out my gear and headed back up the hill.

Later that afternoon, I returned to face him one last time. “Third time’s the charm,” I mumbled to myself as I climbed down into the gorge. Still there was sunshine, and the heat oppressive, even in the close vicinity of the water, but the sunshine was filtered through sky’s diffusers.

I wrestled with my trusty tripod on the slippery rock. Jumped from ledge to ledge, the open camera bag dangerously close to the edge of the water. Tried different exposures, different white balances and different filters. The excessive light only gave me two seconds, nothing more, two measly seconds — but two were already too much light on the sensor.

You won again, waterfall. But we will meet again. I promise.



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Karin Nelson

YouTuber. Graphic Designer. Fuji Shooter. Apple Fangirl. Cat owned. Made in Germany. Perfected in Italy. Imported to Canada.